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What is the Forecasting Tool?


The Forecasting Tool is an Excel* based application that can generate valuable forecasts, in just 4 easy steps, for any growth process that has an S-shape.



You can also use it even when the growth process has a Bell-shape. In this case you should first transform the process to an S-curve by using cumulative data i.e. the sum of all data until a certain period. For instance, if your data represent one-off product sales per year, you should use the sum of total sales from the first year until each year.


The Forecasting Tool can be used to data sets of different ?nature?, such as: new product or technology market penetration, customer installed base evolution, cumulative product sales, new ideas adaption, spread of news, population growth, spread of epidemics, and virtually any growth process that has an upper limit and resembles an S-curve or a Bell-curve.


All you have to do is to provide the actual values** of the data set for a certain period of time, and press the SOLVE*** button. After the calculation is completed, the Forecasting Tool will produce the following estimates:

  • Future values of the growth process for a selected period

  • The maximum value that the data set is expected to reach

  • The expected life cycle of the growth process i.e. the time that it will take to be completed

  • The midpoint around which the growth process evolves i.e. the point in time where the growth process is half way to completion


   * Compatible with Excel 1997 - 2010

  ** For Bell curves you have to transform the data to an S-curve as mentioned above

*** You need to have macros enabled for the SOLVE button (and all other application buttons) to work

Download the Forecasting Tool here

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