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Google+: Is this the next Facebook?

Posted by forecastingtool on July 23, 2011 at 3:32 AM

It came out of “nowhere” in a world of “giants”. Established social media players like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn already count more than 1 billion users worldwide. A great challenge even for another big internet player. Apparently, Google had one more ace up its sleeve, Google+. It took just 16 days for the new social network to reach 10 million users, in a closed, by invitation only, version. By comparison, Facebook and Twitter got there in 852 and 780 days respectively. According to new-just released-research, Google+ users may have already exceeded 20m users.


Just to be fair, existing social networks and especially Facebook did a fine job educating the market. Before some years, many of us didn’t have a social media account and didn’t know what they were about. Now we do! And I think that FB has to take the credit for it. Well, perhaps also David Fincher for the “Social Network” movie but that’s another story…


In an already established “playground” now, Google+ is making its grand appearance. Leveraging all means available, from the millions gmail accounts to the rapidly increasing android community, G+ made an excellent entrance. So, could it be the next Facebook?


Despite its current success, I think it’s just too soon to make any valid projection yet. Don’t forget that today G+ still operates in a controlled, by invitation only, environment. What will happen when the millions of spammers, fake accounts, and usual internet garbage invade its space? Also we should expect a counterattack from Facebook. They already ban G+ related ads.


Well, we certainly have to wait for the real thing, the open to everyone version of G+, to be released and see what happens. Until then it’s nice to know that today we have at least one excellent candidate to challenge Facebook’s dominance and change the social media market once more.

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