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New Human Computer Interaction Trends: Focus on User Experience

Posted by forecastingtool on July 30, 2012 at 7:20 AM

You are walking on the street, en-route for meeting your girlfriend. You are late and should have already made reservations for lunch. Disaster? Not really! Your sunglasses-your latest gadget-takes care of everything: spotting the closest Italian restaurant-your girlfriend loves Italian cuisine, making reservations on-line and giving directions to you and your girlfriend-you both bought the same pair! One more thing to take care of and everything should be in order. You instruct your sunglasses to send a message that you will be a few minutes late. You still haven’t used to actually talk to your sunglasses, but heck that might be the normal way of doing things soon. Lunch is over now and you should get back to work. You really like the new screen they set up in your office lately. It’s like what Tom Cruise used in Minority Report. Just point and click, but without actually clicking on anything. You just use gestures to control what’s happening on screen and talking at the same time instead of typing. It was about time to get rid of that clumsy keyboard. It was a thing of the past…


If you think that all of this is Science Fiction, then welcome to the future of Human Computer Interaction …


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Reply Polina Triantafillou
3:29 AM on August 15, 2012 
I suppose all these HCI trends, this new era, it's already materialised. We know about the "smart houses" smart interaction facilities , one of which- might be the most famous smart home to date- is owned by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates'. His house is located just outside of Seattle, Wash.In this home everyone is pinned with an electronic tracking chip.
As you move through the rooms, lights come on ahead of you and fade behind you. Your favorite songs will follow you throughout the house, as will whatever you're watching on television.
You can entertain yourself by looking at Gates' extensive electronic collection of still images, all available on demand.
The chip keeps track of all that you do and makes adjustments as it learns your preferences. When two different chips enter the same room, the system tries to compromise on something that both people will like....

I strongly believe that HCI will make people lives much easier and more safe , especially those with infirmity, persons with special needs, old individuals, etc.
As we're already entering this new era and i trully think that the benefits gained, surelly overcome the possible disadvantages that might appear in the long term...if there's any.